Dr. Mohammad Ali Bhatti is a Pakistani American painter; currently he resides in Houston Texas. He first came to the US in the early 1990’s to earn his MFA from Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. He then earned his Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Arts from Ohio University, Athens. He has been a professor of Art at Ohio University as well as an instructor at the University of Houston For the last 30 years he has painted and exhibited around the world, resulting in 35 solo exhibitions and numerous juried shows. Currently he is represented by a couple of selected art galleries in Texas and his artwork can be found in both public and private collections. He captures the mood, excitement, vitality, and dynamic movement of each scene. Every detail of the cowboy lifestyle; horses, livestock, are painted with keen observation in a painterly style. Visual interest is heightened by dramatic expressions, chiaroscuro, and energetic movement.His compositions are vibrant in capturing the color, excitement, and vitality of the characters and rich cultural heritage of the Southwest.

Dr. Bhatti’s distinctive style, combination of subject matter, bold comparisons, and intense color is instantly recognizable and collectors throughout the United States and abroad value and prize his work. Dr. Bhatti is associated with the Watercolor Art Society of Houston, Austin Galleries in Austin, and the artist-owned Archway Gallery in Houston. He currently teaches a variety of art classes, using a combination of demonstration and hands-on instruction, and has a large committed following of students.

Selected Solow Shows

2022 Archway Gallery, Houston, Texas

2020 Archway Gallery, Houston, Texas

2019 Village of Tanglewood Gallery, Houston, Texas

2019 AO5 Gallery, Austin, Texas

2019 XVA Gallery, Sharjah, UAE

2017 Blue Circle Gallery, Abeokuta, Nigeria

2016 Ataturk Art Gallery, Izmir, Turkey

2015 Galleria De Dozzani. Milano, Italy

2015 Timur Art Gallery, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2014 4 Squire Gallery, Glasgow, UK

2013 Gallery A-One, Dubai, UAE

2013 Nomad Art Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal

2012 Dr. Sirikit Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2012 Ocean Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan

2010 Gallery of Modern Art, Scotland, UK

2009 Gallery 6, Islamabad, Pakistan

2009 Hafez Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

2008 Al-Mussavir Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2008 Sidharatha Art Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal

2007 The Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

2006 Makhachkala Art Gallery, Dagestan, Russia

2005 MM51 Art Gallery, Shanghai, China

2004 Diego Rivera Gallery, Mexico

1996 Mughal Art Gallery, Mumbai, India

1993 Galeria Contemporary Art, Chile

1991 Love Land Art Gallery, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

1990 Erie Museum of Art, Erie, Pennsylvania

1990 St. Louis Art Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri

1987 J. J. Yavuz Gallery, JoharBaro, Malaysia

1983 Fahmy Art Galleries, Cairo, Egypt

1982 AGB Art Gallery, JalanLanggakTunku, Singapore

1981 Tbilisi Art Gallery, Georgia, Russia

1978 Global Art Gallery, Bombay

Several National And International Group Shows

Dr. Bhatti has painted numerous official and private portrait commissions of prominent personalities in Pakistan, India, Malaysia, United States of America, Singapore, Thailand, and the Middle East.

Gallery Representation

Archway Gallery, Houston, Texas
Austin Galleries, Austin TX
Black Art in America