I believe that abstract art is a way to express ideas, concepts and inspiration. Art is so important to me because it gives me a sense of freedom of expression that feels pure and intuitive. I try to express things that are personal to me and relevant to other people. The visual interest is coupled with ambiguous shapes, bold brush strokes, vaguely suggested references, and sprinkled alphabets, symbolizing contemporary chaotic life.


Before The Rising Sun
A Dusty Day
A Passing Storm
Absurd Melody
An Early Monsoon
Before The Clash
Behind the Curtain
Change is Coming
Connecting Cosmoses
Dance in the Desert
Endless Light # 20
Endless Light # 21
Endless Light # 22
Eternal Rhythm
Frozen Shadows
I'm With The Peace
Inward Journey
Mute Symphony
Mystic Convergence
Now We Transform
Positive Energy
Sound of Color
Sunlight Through a Prism