Painting portraits and dynamic images of cultural heritage is my passion. Growing up in Pakistan’s Indus Valley desert an breathing its richness and colorful traditions inspired me to paint themes of its people and civilization. The western cowoy heritage was captivating, stirring in me a deep desire to capture on canvas the beauty of the southwest ranch lifestyle and rodeo heroism. My kinetic compositions, coupled with my personal observations of the U.S. Southwest, create a feeling of excitement and vitality through my painted characters. It is thrilling for me to be able to honor the richness of this country’s western heritage using vibrant images and colors.

My compositions are designed to generate a feeling of excitement and vitality through the characters portrayed. The combination of sensitivity with technical versatility encourages an interesting interaction between design and elements. Living in Texas for the past few years has inspired me to commemorate this rich part of American heritage. It is a thrill and an honor for me to promote the richness of this country’s Western heritage.

Artist's   Statement